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Biological Structures and Biomimetics

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Karen Stamm, M.Sc.

PhD student

Open PhD position

We currently have an open position for a PhD student interested in working in the field of biomimetics, zoology and engineering.


Research within the project will focus on the biomechanical and morphological analysis of skeletal structures with an initial emphasis on arthropod exoskeletons and echinoderm endoskeletons. One of the main goals of the project is the analysis, development and construction of bio-inspired joint structures for aerospace applications. The student will work closely together with Prof. Dr. Dirks (Biological Structures and Biomimetics) and Prof. Dr. Labisch (Biomechanics and Design). Parts of the project are in close collaboration with industrial partners, allowing the student to gain valuable first-hand experience in industrial research collaboration.


A suitable candidate will have a Master’s degree (or be close to completion) in either organismal biology, biomechanics, engineering or materials sciences. Experience in morphological characterization techniques (microCT, SEM, etc.), construction of custom-made experimental setups and mechanical materials testing is very helpful yet not required. The willingness to gain additional experience in in computational techniques (CAD, FEA and MBD) will be advantageous. A language proficiency level of at least B2 in either English or German is expected, basic knowledge of German will be helpful.


The preferred starting date is end of 2019 or early 2020. The position will be paid on a 65% TVöD 13 level and is limited to a maximum of three years after start. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.


Please feel free to send your application (including CV, letter of motivation, contact details of two references) to


Former members

PhD students

  • Renata Zuber

M.Sc. students

  • Chantal Göttler
  • Corina Valtl

B.Sc. students

  • Benjamin Aberle
  • Christopher Graf
  • Justus Hübotter
  • Hannes jaschinski
  • Julia Kramer
  • Tina Lang
  • Katharina Meyer
  • Selina Müller
  • Fabian Plum
  • Birte Pupkes
  • Lea Pursche
  • Nelly v. Puttkamer
  • Simon Reichel
  • Marian Renz
  • Katharina Schott
  • Johanna Schultz
  • Lena Schwertmann
  • Philipp Suhrcke
  • Johanna Täuber
  • Myriam Uhrhan
  • Franziska Wahl


Student assistants

  • Lea Bothe
  • Regine Havemann
  • Lotte Pohl
  • Johanna Schultz
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