Selected publications


  • Sviben, S., Spaeker, O., Bennet, M., Alberic, M., Dirks, J.-H., Moussian, B., Fratzl, P., Bertinetti, L. and Politi, Y. (in press). Epidermal cell surface structure and chitin-protein co- assembly determine fiber architecture in the Locust cuticle. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
  • Schmidt, J., O'Neill, M., Dirks, J.-H. and Taylor, D. (in press). An Investigation of Crack Propagation in an Insect Wing Using the Theory of Critical Distances. Engineering and Fracture Mechanics.
  • Rajabi, H., Dirks, J.-H. and Gorb, S. (in press). Insect wing damage: causes, consequences and compensatory mechanisms. Journal of Experimental Biology.
  • Plum, F., Labisch, S. and Dirks, J.-H. (2020). SAUV — A Bio-Inspired Soft-Robotic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Front. Neurorobot. 14, 1–13.






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